OZZY OSBOURNE Looks Unbalanced In A New Photo Where He Walks Without A Cane

Ozzy Osbourne

As reported by Page Six, Ozzy Osbourne was seen strolling without his walking stick in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 13).

The 74-year-old vocalist appeared unsteady while walking next to his caretaker, who gathered flowers on their daytime walk around the area and offered them to Osbourne for a sniff.

Ozzy Osbourne recently confirmed his participation in the 2023 installment of the Power Trip festival.

Although the 74-year-old Osbourne had to cancel some of his earlier planned tours due to health complications, the iconic BLACK SABBATH singer expressed his intention to come back if his health situation gets better.

The Sun recently reported that Ozzy has vowed to make a comeback to live performances, even if he has to sit in a chair.

This announcement follows a statement he made a month ago, confessing to the cancellation of his tour due to spinal injuries from four years ago and other health concerns.

Osbourne is said to have drawn encouragement from Axl Rose of GUNS N’ ROSES, who toured with a injured foot while seated on a throne, and Phil Collins, who concluded GENESIS‘s last tour while sitting on a chair.

A friend of Ozzy told The Sun: “Ozzy is refusing to give up on his hope of getting on stage despite his statement last month. He has declared: ‘I am gonna f**king get back on stage.’ He still has issues with his balance and cannot stand unaided for long periods of time on his legs. It frustrates him that doing a full-90 minute show, filled with his famous stage stomping and crowd interactive moves, is off the table. But he is considering doing gigs in a throne, like what Axl did in 2016 with GUNS N’ ROSES. He was really impressed by that move. And he feels Phil showed that audiences do resonate with you.

Ozzy worries that he may not be able to sit still, which could be challenging. But there is talk of bringing in some special effects and even stage machinery to have the chair move around. He feels a lot of options are on the table, but Oz is not ruling out Vegas or L.A. runs.”

“That is Ozzy‘s determination. However, Sharon [Ozzy‘s wife and manager] is concerned about her husband being put through a heavy duty work load around gigs. Firstly, she has deep concerns about his balance and wants him to get back to walking properly, before even discussing comebacks. And she is particularly worried about him losing his balance and suffering injuries. Oz has spoken too about Sharon‘s fears of his Parkinson’s condition prompting him to suffer falls like Michael J Fox.”