OZZY OSBOURNE Stars In Commercial For PlayStation VR 2 Virtual Reality Headset

Ozzy Osbourne Playstation VR 2

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are starring in an advertisement for the new PlayStation VR2 product. PSVR2 will be available starting this Wednesday, February 22nd, and will enable gamers to experience a heightened level of engagement and be transported to other realms. On the same day, the PlayStation VR2 controller charging station, specifically designed for the PS VR2 controller, will also be released.

Ozzy tweeted out a link to the commercial earlier today and wrote in an accompanying message: “Did this spot with the @PlayStation team. We had a lot of fun. Their new VR2 really is amazing.”

You can watch the video below.

Ozzy recently revealed that he is no longer touring due to his deteriorating health.

As a result of his retirement, Ozzy had to cancel a planned UK tour with JUDAS PRIEST, which has already been cancelled on three occasions.

In January 2019, Ozzy experienced an unfortunate fall at home that caused rods to dislodge in his back and neck, which has been part of his recovery process since then.

His physical condition has worsened after the accident he had in 2019, and the medical treatments he tried haven’t succeeded in restoring his mobility and wellbeing. The 74-year-old heavy metal musician, who is also living with a form of Parkinson’s Disease, made the heartbreaking choice to end his days of touring.