OZZY OSBOURNE Warns Kids Not To Snort LIQUID DEATH (Video)

Ozzy Osbourne Liquid Death

Ozzy Osbourne has partnered with Liquid Death to deliver an important message: do not snort Liquid Death‘s electrolyte drink mix, Death Dust.

Following numerous comments on Liquid Death‘s Instagram about snorting Death Dust, the healthy beverage brand collaborated with Ozzy to create a new video warning against such dubious uses. Watch the clip below.

The collaboration follows the release of Liquid Death‘s newest batch of Death Dust, which has dialled up the flavor intensity in a big way! Single-flavor packs are also now available for the first time.

Ozzy says: “I love how Liquid Death makes a healthy thing like hydration more fun. Sharon, the family, and I drink Liquid Death all the time, it’s delicious. But seriously, don’t snort or inject anything they make. It’s much better for drinking.”

Death Dust isn’t a drug — it’s a delicious electrolyte drink mix packed with essential vitamins and electrolytes the body needs. Available in single-flavor packs in addition to the variety packs. Three delicious flavors include Severed Lime, Mango Chainsaw, and Convicted Melon.

In March, Liquid Death secured $67 million in funding from strategic partners and new investors, including leading national distributors and prominent figures in entertainment and sports.