PAGANIZER Premieres ‘The Buried Undead’ Song From Upcoming Album ‘Land of Weeping Souls’

After “Dehumanized”, Scandinavian death metal warmachine, PAGANIZER, have released a second single – “The Buried Undead” from their upcoming album Land of Weeping Souls, which comes out August 5 on Transcending Obscurity. Listen to “The Buried Undead” through SoundCloud widget below.

Pre-orders are now available in various formats on PAGANIZER‘s Bandcamp page or through Transcending Obscurity store.

Land of Weeping Souls track listing:

  1. “Your Suffering Will Be Legendary”
  2. “Dehumanized”
  3. “Forlorn Dreams”
  4. “Land of Weeping Souls”
  5. “The Insanity Never Stops”
  6. “Selfdestructor”
  7. “Death Addicts Posthumous”
  8. “The Buried Undead”
  9. “Soulless Feeding Machine”
  10. “Prey To Death”