PAIN CITY ‘Keep It Real’

“Keep it real” is the second album from the hard hitting trio PAIN CITY from Norway. The band was formed in 2016 and their debut album “When life gets you” hit the lights in 2018. The band has toured heavily from the start and has a unique sound and their own way of creating music. It is in-your-face hard rock and roll, but also a good dose of metal and pop choruses and very easy to sing along to.

Stian Krogh was the main songwriter and lead guitarist in the great The Carburetors for 15+ years and toured Europe many times. Now he is back with his own band and their second album.

Says Stian Krogh:

“The album ‘Keep it real’ has ‘one extra’ compared to the debut album. The goal on the new album was to create something a little bit different, but still make it sound easy and unique. The creativity is flowing most of the time, so there’s enough material to choose from. ‘Keep it real’ has some very powerful songs in the metal department, but also some very catchy rock and roll tunes. It should be easy for the listeners to bang their heads and get in a good mood when listening to the record. For some people a beer in the hand will be a consequence after the opening riff.

You’ll get catchy riffs, sing-along-choruses and ass kicking solos on this album. And with one of the best drummers in Norway, Petter Haukaas, hammering out drumbeats you have never heard before, the mighty Morten Nilsen pumping out basslines on each song with precise precision, and Stian Krogh with the heaviest right hand on the planet ripping out riffs and solos in the speed of light and sing you through the songs, telling stories about the importance of being yourself no matter what happens in life – then you have the idea what the new PAIN CITY album “Keep it real” sounds like.

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