Painful Pride – Lost Memories

Lost track of Metal’s history? Metal Addicts provides one more page of it: Painful Pride’s “Lost Memories”. It’s funny that Painful Pride’s “Lost Memories” got a little lost in my PC for some time too.

This is an album that took about 30 years to see the light. No, it’s not metaphoric speaking. It took more than 30 years in the making of “Lost Memories”. Painful Pride has been on the road since 1983 being active until 1987. The band split up and had some alive shows in 1988 and 1999 to come back with full force in 2013, when they recorded more songs. It’s a pitty that we don’t know when the songs were recorded. It would be good to see Painful Pride’s evolution. Some songs have the 1980’s post-punk puch as “Heal Me”. Others are vibrant and powerfull as 1980’s Heavy Metal as the opening track “Visions”. But in general, “Lost Memories” compels you to seek for more references and to listen to them eagerly. Some songs like “Into The Fire” are like a punch in the face as strong as hard rock can be.

Painful Pride are a band that walk into the edges of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock and their songs reveal this. “Lost Memories” tracks are waving throughout them, for such songs as “Sands Of Time” whose melodic echoes are powerful and bright. Bright and open. All instruments can be heard, and that’s a great thing. And then that 1980’s post-punk choruses feeling comes again in “What You Give Is What You Get”. But the twin guitars leave no room for doubts: it’s a metal song! It’s a song that makes you remember of Tokyo Blade melodic lines. The nearest example I could find to explain Painful Pride. And then comes “Somewhere” with its Accept’s guitar lines that burst in our faces. But the 1980’s choruses feeling persists. Some Iron Maiden can also be heard in “Fires” guitars.

“Lost Memories” is a unique listening experience, if you know what I mean. Painful Pride are not a standard band as its choruses may reveal to us. It’s an experience that I recommend, if that means anything to you…

Track Listing:

  1. Visions
  2. A Thousand Lies
  3. Into The Fire
  4. Heal Me
  5. Sands Of Time
  6. What You Give Is What You Get
  7. Somewhere
  8. Fires
  9. Die For Me
  10. Lost Memories

BTW, “Lost Memories”, the tittle track is really something! Watch it here: