Pandemmy – Rise Of a New Strike

Are you in the mood for some straight ahead, raw, frank, and brutal old school death metal? If you are, that’s what Pandemmy with “Rise Of a New Strike” have to offer. Following Pandemmy’s proposal, I’ll go straight ahead to the best song of “Rise Of a New Strike,” which is the last, but not the least, “Almost Dead.” My man, I gotta tell you, what a piece of awesomeness. “Almost Dead” swings a lot and changes so much riffing and atmospheres, that I guess Pandemmy guys got out of ideas, and maybe that’s why “Rise Of a New Strike” ends with it. And “Almost Dead” is only four minutes long.

The point here is that Pandemmy are a band with very resourceful musicians that could play songs with more complexity, but they’d rather not. Better leave it simple, and frank. We’ve gotta respect that. That gives “Rise Of a New Strike” an extra bonus: it’s not that simple to be simple. Check “7000 Days Of Terror (And The New Attempt)” out, for instance. It’s remarkable what Pandemmy can do with a few riffs. The chorus is a sing-along one. In a death metal band! How remarkable is that? I’d say a lot. And how about the change of atmosphere in the middle of it? A cool guitar solo with some fingered tunes. It breaks all the aggression and adds melody, almost some sweetness. It takes a lot of balls to that. Not to mention the intro called “One Step… Forward,” and it really is a step forward. A step forward to bands that think that to be brutal or sick, you have to step away from your humanity. Pandemmy is teaching us a lesson that Metal bands can express themselves they please.

As I said before, Pandemmy are a band of surprises who loves intros with some caprice. “No reasons for losses” intro is just amazing with all its classical atmosphere, and it reminds a lot 1990s melodic death metal bands, great for me who started listening to death metal by these bands. Pandemmy were worthy the time.

Track Listing:

  1. One Step… Forward
  2. Circus Of Tyrannies
  3. State Of War
  4. 7000 Days Of Terror (And The New Attempt)
  5. Almost Dead
  6. Rise Of A New Strike
  7. Inferno Is Over
  8. Stars Of Decadence
  9. Against The Perfect Humankind
  10. No Reasons For Losses

“Rise Of a New Strike” is available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

You can watch “Almost Dead” here: