Pandemmy – Subversive Need

Once more it is always great to have the pleasure and the honor to review a band again. Here the honor is Pandemmy with “Subversive Need.” Metal Addicts has reviewed two efforts of the band which are 2017’s “Rise of a New Strike” and 2019’s split album “Obliteration.” Both killing machines, if you ask me.

“Subversive Need” is the new effort we have just received and Pandemmy prepared lots of changes in its sonance. If in “Rise of a New Strike” the band showed some Melodeath features, now they are wide open. However, the album bounces wisely through some Punk and Raw Death Metal influences as well. At first, the fan used to Pandemmy’s music feels the thrill with the pungent “Deforestation” with its funeral and cavernous vocals – not the usual for the band portfolio. In a way, the track causes a shock to the fan. It is so unexpected. Well, the album goes all this way. Behold fan! “Neohate” speeds up a little maintaining the cavernous vocals with a more Death Metal wrapping than the opening track. Its martial drumming gives a awesomeness to the track like preparing to war mood. And war is what you get here. The neat instrumental featuring a strumming acoustic guitar intro bridging to a beautiful guitar solo in “I Choose My Blood” prepares to a track full of Amon Amarth references. From where I’m sitting, it’s the strongst track of the album. The more melodic features give it an out-of-this-world mood plus the cadenced guitar riffing. It’s such a different album which only a bold band as Pandemmy could ever imagined. So says “Charlottesville” with its Metallica-ish drumming intro with those guitar strikings that in a sudden speeds up to a fantastic Death Metal track.

What comforts the fan is that the acid social critique in the lyrics is well-preserved. Also does the solid and neat instrumentals which is a stapler of the band. Pandemmy keep their tradition of criticizing this sad and lonely and pathetic world we live on. The acoustic “The Illusion of Suffering” says so with its shrieking and debauched vocals as choir of demons. “Subversive Need” is bold and subversive to the bone.

Pandemmy  “Subversive Need” will be released on May 15th.

Track Listing:

  1. Deforestation
  2. Neohate
  3. Free Mumia (A Panther in the Cage)
  4. Webchaos
  5. Xenophobia
  6. I Choose My Blood
  7. Terror Paranoia
  8. The Illusion of Suffering
  9. Charlottesville

Watch “Webchaos” lyric video here: