PÄR SUNDSTRÖM Explains Why SABATON Is A Self-Managed Band

Sabaton 2019
Photo credit: Tallee Savage

In a new interview with Music Connection, bassist Pär Sundström spoke about what it’s like for him and his SABATON bandmates to exist as a self-managed entity — a rarity among groups operating at their level.

You start a band because you love to play. That’s how you start a band — you want to play your instrument in a band,” he said. “And there was no difference for me. And that’s the first thing you do as a band — you get together, you get into a rehearsal room and you start playing some songs. After that, you need to expand, you need to grow, you need to do something. You need to call somebody to have a gig, and somebody in the band has to pick up the phone and call that somebody to get a gig. And then somebody has to do a poster.

“And then somebody has to arrange that somehow we get there or that there’s technical things there. So somebody has to do that. And I can’t just stand and watch while things are not happening. So I just jump on directly and do all that stuff. So no matter if it became designing a tour poster, album artwork or it came to arrange a recording session… And eventually, these things evolve, and suddenly you are dealing with economy, you are dealing with logistics, you are dealing with legal aspects. So I started to pick up that. I have no training whatsoever, but suddenly I needed to know how to market myself, I needed to know how to present something in a good way, I needed to know how to sell it, how to charge for it, how to account for it and how to get the show on the road.

“And along the years, I think I’ve been doing pretty much everything, no matter if it was fixing the tour bus or repairing it from damages to being a guitar tech. I am also a licensed pyrotechnician. I’ve been hanging lights in the roof. I built my own festival and a cruise, and promoting tours, festivals, shows, other bands, marketing that. And it’s all because I have an interest in learning things, and I don’t want to sit and watch nothing happen; I can’t do that. I just have to make things happen. And that’s why I just jump on to things, and eventually it grows and grows and grows.”

“I think I’m quite demanding,” he continued. “And I love this band so much that I don’t want too much other… I don’t mind other people to come in and help — of course not — but it would be difficult for another manager to come in and do this in a better way than I would do it. The other way we have done it is that the SABATON team has been growing. So everything we’re doing in-house. Today we run the label business inside. We do the management completely by ourselves. We do all the logistics for tours. We book it all. We book whatever it may be — from a hundred crew members, 10 trucks and whatever we need, we have it in-house. We have huge warehouses. We own so much stuff that it’s crazy.

“I was actually going through it two days ago in our main warehouse for one of the projects, and I was just looking at costumes. And I realized that we can outfit entire armies of Vikings, crusaders, Spartans, Greek warriors, World War I troops from France or from Belgium or World War II soldiers from the United States, modern armies… We have pile after pile after pile, or crates after crates with clothes, just because of different projects. And we always think that we take control over things.

“We don’t rent it, we don’t outsource it — we control it, we own it, and we put it on and we do it ourselves,” Pär added. “Same with a lot of photo sessions, music videos — we produce them, we direct them, we are involved in the whole production of it. The albums, we are the main producers of our albums. We do things our way. And it’s demanding, but we have a big team. And we are constantly growing. And even during the pandemic, we did pretty well. Even though we couldn’t tour, and we have a lot of people that are depending on touring, but we still did well. We run our own mailorder; it has several people. We also developed that further. We [do it] completely by ourselves. We don’t use any merch company. We develop the stuff ourselves. We design it, we source it, we market it and we have it in our own mailorder.”