Paranoid – Heavy Mental Fuck-Up

Paranoid with “Heavy Mental Fuck-Up” are a great example of what was called crossover a few years ago. It reminds a lot early Slayer and the great Warfare due to their ferocity and straight ahead sonance. Paranoid use the hardcore chordal riffing system. That’s what makes them so straight ahead. Fast and direct guitar riffing and extreme-velocity drumming. Killer combination, if I may. It’s been a while I don’t hear a band with so much health. Or mental health. And to get even crazier, it’s impossible to decipher the language they sing.

Though the name of the album is “Heavy Mental Fuck-Up,” it has a much more hardcore vibe. There are some passages that are more Metal than the others, but the actual vibe of “Heavy Mental Fuck-Up” is hardcore. An angry voice, the aforementioned chordal guitar riffing, extreme-velocity drumming, straight ahead bass playing. The right recipe for a great hardcore band. And why not to please a Metal fan? Well, Paranoid sure do. “Shirarezaru” has all this. Its following, “Yogen,” seems a bit more metal, but the bass sequence makes no mistake: hardcore.

Do you know those days you are in the mood of sending everything and everybody straight to hell? Sure do. Well, Paranoid with “Heavy Mental Fuck-Up” would be the perfect soundtrack to them. An album to get into your room and burn the house down. Of course, if you survive to first track “Jikeidan” and its furious attack. “Jikeidan” has the most Metal grip in all album. Its beginning is very nice. Not exactly new, but very effective. “Syuugeki” has the same vibe, but goes approaching more to hardcore. I just love those psych chordal riffings. They’re great with so much energy. It makes you bang freely.

Paranoid “Heavy Mental Fuck-Up” will be released on September 28th via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Jikeidan
  2. Syuugeki
  3. Shinryaku Kitareri
  4. Fukurokouji
  5. Daigyakusatsu
  6. Jikangire
  7. Fukusyuu
  8. Youshanaki Satsuriku
  9. Arashi No Me
  10. Shi Ni Itarumade
  11. Shirarezaru Mon (CD Bonus Track)
  12. Yogen (CD Bonus Track)

Watch “Arise” (Sepultura cover) here: