Parasite – Parasite

There are some really funny facts about Metal. Even though throughout the years Metal has consolidated itself as a musical movement, and because of that, there are even better musicians than in the good old days, from time to time we praise a band that aren’t really that technical. We also praise bands that play with more heart and souls than technique. Ok, it’s getting harder and harder. Back than, in the 1980s, there were more bands like this. Most of them weren’t really only heart and soul, the matter with their sonance was the studio, or the gear, or everything else. They had really good musical ideas, but the performance was poor, and still, we loved every note of them. Why? Because they were Metal.

Parasite are one of those bands. This self-titled album isn’t the cornucopia of sounds nor Beethoven’s’ seventh, but it’s so delicious. I wouldn’t say “Parasite” is an only heart and soul album. But “Glimmering Steel” makes us think so. Guitars are a bit muffled, voice seems at times out of tune, but even though this track kills. Anyway, it’s only the demo tape recording, it’s supposed not to be the seventh wonder. On the following track “Nightwinds,” guitars sound nieve, but that nieve that enchants. It’s not really the sound, but the intent. The intro “In the Beginning” is also enchanting with its 1980ish keyboarding preparing the ground to the killing machine “Burnin'” a genuine gem from the 1980s. Here’s Parasite music sound so cohesive and strong that makes us think what the hell happened to them. But, that’s life.

Parasite” is an album that will bring you lots of emotions. An album to have in special place in your bookstand, or whatever you use nowadays to put your CDs.

Track Listing:

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Burnin’
  3. Nightwinds
  4. Chalice of the Soul
  5. Lonely Eagle
  6. What’s Going on (Demo 1983)
  7. Glimmering Steel (Demo 1983)
  8. Nightwinds (Demo 1983)
  9. In the Night (Rehearsal 1983)
  10. Untitled Song (Rehearsal 1983)

Watch “Nightwinds” video here: