Part 1: Momentum – Leatherback

To get started I played first track “Buried” via Spotify – I really don’t like it, but anyway – and the music begins with a cool mesmerizing guitar riff. Kind of deceptive, though, because I thought it would be a classic metal act. Yeah, most of the times I don’t read the press release. I do that to surprise myself. I mean, I listen to the band with fresh ears. No influences at all. Fair enough, don’t you think? But hold your horses, when I say deceptive I don’t mean bad. Part 1: Momentum is an album heavily influenced by the so-called industrial metal of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and others. Hence, it’s expected a band that mix classical heavy riffs and passages with electronic effects, and even some art rock. Well, if so, it’s what you get.

I forgot to mention that Part 1: Momentum is an instrumental effort. Second track “It Lurks” goes on the same vibe. Leatherback are a band that really reminds early Ministry, though guitars are not so powerful. Art rock appears on third track “On Hands and Knees” via an ELPish keyboarding. In some moments Leatherback touch the art rock pantheon. But it’s “Chaos Theory” that reminds ELP most. I dare saying that they are a kind of modern ELP. Come on guys, being compared to ELP is a compliment. Being instrumental reinforces the idea. The mix between classic metal, art rock, and industrial metal happens in “The March” which combines the three of them. Guitar riff and bass lines are pretty strong. Pretty much striking. Electronic effects, though, are too happy, if you know what I mean…

I respect band’s decision to be instrumental only, but the way I see it, some tracks could use some vocals. Only an opinion. I guess it would give a deeper atmosphere to “Momentum,” for instance. I would fit nicely to the atmosphere created. So, if you’re looking for something with an eletronic vibe with some ELP touches, but not that plastic electronic music, Leatherback are your band, and Part 1: Momentum is your album.

Track Listing:

  1. Buried
  2. It Lurks
  3. On Hands and Knees
  4. Chaos Theory
  5. The March
  6. Momentum

P.S.: ELP stands for Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Sorry, not everybody is obliged to know.

Watch “Chaos Theory” official video here: