PAUL STANLEY’s Sister: ‘I Hope He Goes To Hell’

Paul Stanley

Julia Eisen, older sister of Paul Stanley, has publicly slammed the KISS frontman as he he didn’t tell her about the recent death of their father.

On November 7, Stanley revealed that his father William Eisen passed away at the age 101.

He wrote on social media: “My dad William Eisen has left this earth after 101 years & 7 months. His thirst for knowledge never wained. He could speak on virtually any subject. His pride in my accomplishments was heartwarming as was seeing his love of my family. He said he’d always be with me and he will.”

Julie then took to Facebook very next day to share: “My Brother Paul Stanley, has always been an opportunistic, self-serving bast*rd. He slandered our entire family in his epic sob-story ‘Face the Music,’ and was recently quoted as saying that he ‘Didn’t care if my Father died.’ My Father William Eisen, with whom I was very close, passed away yesterday at 12:19. I was not informed of this however, until 6:00 pm, when I called the hospital, because my Brother failed to inform me. He also tried to poison my Father against me, telling him that I planned on ripping him off for lots of money! I hope he goes to Hell.”

Eisen then elaborated while replying to comments left beneath her post, asserting that Stanley “has helped me tremendously with monthly $ support, but he cannot give of himself in any way.” She later added that “Because of his celebrity, he has been coddled, and forgiven for unacceptable behavior.”