Payouts and Strategy in Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Poker

Caribbean stud poker is one of the few poker variants that doesn’t require much thinking or effort. This variant is very similar to five-card stud, where five cards are dealt out, and the winner is the player with the best five-card poker hand. However, the similarities end with just the five-card hand poker feature.

Since its inception, Caribbean stud poker has taken over the poker realm as the variant many would want to settle for. Here are some of the best payouts and strategies that will make you excel at Caribbean stud poker.

Simples Rules of the Caribbean Poker

Caribbean poker’s striking distinction over other poker variants is that the game is played against the dealer alone and not other players. This makes deceptive techniques, such as bluffing, not applicable in the game. This doesn’t mean strategies and skills wouldn’t work well in this game, but the rules are designed in such a way that favors both skilled and unskilled players.

Different table areas are marked for certain activities since Caribbean stud poker is also a table. For instance, in front of the players, an area is marked for the ante bets and the optional $1 progressive bet. Once all bets have been acknowledged, the dealer deals out five cards to each player. Four out of these five cards are dealt face down, while the fifth one is dealt face up.

The players are allowed to check their cards to determine whether or not they want to fold or continue with the bet. When a player folds, the current wager is lost. On the other hand, if a player wants to continue their bet, they must wager twice the sum of their ante bet. When all these decisions have been made, the dealer is obliged to reveal their hand. The dealer needs at least an Ace or a King to qualify. 

If the dealer doesn’t qualify, not having the required Ac or King, the players earn even money equal to their ante wager. On the other hand, the ante bet would pay according to the payout schedule if the dealer qualifies.

The Winning Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Poker 2

Although Caribbean stud poker doesn’t require rigorous skill training, applying the right strategy sometimes boosts your chances of excelling in the game. The game’s critical moment comes after the cards have been dealt, and players must decide whether to fold or bet. This is a very complicated decision that is also very speculative.

The logic behind beating this is very simple. Since having a king or an ace is the principal way of winning, it is important to fold as soon as you realize that the five cards dealt do not contain any winning symbols, either the king or an ace. It would be best to watch for the unlikely scenario where the dealer might expose a card to reveal the pair. 

Under the Caribbean stud poker rules, you can call or raise your bet. However, don’t waste your calls unnecessarily unless you are certain that a 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K, and at least one of your cards matches with one of yours. Master these easy, simple strategies, and with just $1, you may be a lucky winner of the Caribbean stud poker jackpot that seems to be flying around casinos these days.

Interesting Payout for Caribbean Stud Poker 

Remember that once cards have been dealt and you decide to place a bet, the dealer’s card determines your win. If the dealer has either the king or the ace, the dealer automatically qualifies, and if not, you get a 1 to 1 return on your ante. Aside from this payout, there are other highly rewarding payouts you may consider.

For instance, the two pairs on the payout pay 2:1, while the straight pays 4:1. Also, a full house is 7:1, while a royal flush could be as rewarding as 100:1. Aside from these popular ones, there are also three of a kind, four of a kind, and straight flush. Regardless of the bets, you are placing or the winning, Caribbean stud poker comes with a 5.22% house edge, which leaves it on the less desirable side of the house.


If you are looking to maintain a balance between traditional poker and your lack of experience, then Caribbean stud poker is often a comfortable suggestion. Also, you don’t have to wait till your next visit to land-based casinos to enjoy this game. Online casinos like Casino Just Spin, virtual games that simulate real-life table games.