PEARL JAM React To ‘Pure Hate’ They Get From Conservative Fans For Their Liberal Political Views

PEARL JAM bassist Jeff Ament discussed the hate the band’s been getting over the years for their liberal political views, telling Kerrang Magazine:

“I come from a punk rock background, so I love that stuff. I love people getting mad and getting upset and reacting. That’s the best of art, that you can get a reaction out of somebody – whether it’s a reaction of pure joy or pure hate. I think both are good.”

He goes on to ponder whether things are actually worse during the Trump administration than they were in the era of Bush Jr.: “There was that whole dialogue then where it was, ‘You’re either with us or against us. People were really afraid to speak up and dissent against the government at that time. It’s the same way now, you just have the president saying everything’s fake news. Forty per cent of the people buy it, and start believing this s**t that’s absolutely pure lies.”

Also, band’s recent single “Can’t Deny Me” has a clear anti-Trump message.