People Thought That This Edited Photo Of Viral Storm With IRON MAIDEN’s EDDIE Mascot Was Real

Maiden Storm

An image on social media purporting to show a skull face formed by clouds during the recent storms in Arkansas is actually a photoshopped image combining an IRON MAIDEN album cover with a photo of a 2019 storm in Pennsylvania, USA Today reported.

A December 10 Facebook post containing the altered photo was accompanied by a following caption: “my sister took a picture of this today in lake village Arkansas while I was fixing her roof. look at the detail of this picture. if u turn the picture upside down and zoom in on it you’ll see Jesus in the middle with his arms wide open.. people if this is not a good enough sign then y’all better get right with the lord… it’s so crazy how he gives us signs but we’re to blind to see…”

The post was shared nearly 6,000 times within just a week.

The same photo was shared back in 2019 by someone claiming it was “a real picture taken in California” with “no edit”. That time, the post was shared more than 164,000 times.

Skull-like face in the manipulated image comes from the cover design for MAIDEN‘s Brave New World while the image of the clouds during a storm was taken from the web site of Pennsylvania’s The Patriot-News a newspaper, capturing a May 2019 storm over Kutztown University.