PER VALLA Announce Collaboration With Drummer PATRIK SAS


VALLA‘s frontman Per Valla has announced that he will be recording a song with drummer Patrik Sas in the beginning of November and the single will be released some time in December 2016.

Per Valla tells about Patrik: “So i was surfing YouTube a couple of months ago and i came across this guy playing a Dimmu Borgir song. After being massively impressed by that video i kept on checking out more of his videos and realized that this is a drummer that the world needs to know about. He plays everything from Extreme metal to the most advanced progstuff. Patrik Sas is already a full time professional musician in Prague and i am sure he is going to be world famous for his skills in a not too far distant future.”

Patrik Sas was raised in Ostrava, Northern Moravia, Czech Republic but currently lives in Prague. Grew up in a musical family and studied percussion at the Janacek’s conservatory in Ostrava. He also studied drum set in the United States namely New York and Los Angeles. He has taken lessons from drumming superstar Thomas Lang among others. Patrik is one of the best employed session drummers in Czech Republic able to take on various styles from rock across pop to metal. Despite his youth, have managed to play with such prominent figures of the czech music scene. For a great experience also considered playing with Suzanne Vega and guitarist Gerry Leonard (David Bowie). He endorses Drumcraft drums, Paiste cymbals and Balbex drumsticks. In 2014 he won the first prize in the American global music contest in the category BEST SOLO PERFORMANCE. His drum performance was selected as a judge’s pick. The judges were Billy Sheehan (Mr.Big), Bumblefoot (Guns’N’Roses), Drew Lane (producer of Backstreet Boys).