PERENNIAL ISOLATION Unleash New Single ‘Autumn Legacy Underlying The Cold’s Caress’


PERENNIAL ISOLATION unleashes new single “Autumn Legacy Underlying The Cold’s Caress.” New album Portraits out on March 26th via Non Serviam Records. The single features Emily Low (OUBLIETTE) and Jan Insomnic (ELBEDOOMED).

Commenting on “Autumn Legacy Underlying the Cold’s Caress,” PERENNIAL ISOLATION state: “Crank up your volume and spread the Autumnal rituals! We want to share our deepest admiration for all the elements which are part of the border area between Autumn and Winter: the reddish tint of the forest paths, the masterful mists, the hidden sun and the fragrance of the cold. The perfect mix between brutality, poetry, aggressiveness and emotionality. It is an honor to present this first piece through Non Serviam Records from our new album Portraits.”

PERENNIAL ISOLATION moves on a perfect journey under its own vision of atmospheric black metal. Big doses of speed with deep and elegant guitars, accompanied by a poetic dance between long extreme screams, and cold and decadent soundscapes. The band has always been praised for its distinctive melodic lines without disparaging the brutality, aggressiveness, and lament of Mother Earth.

Portraits track listing:

1. The Fall Awakening
2. Autumn Legacy Underlying the Cold’s Caress
3. The Breathless Season Bane
4. Unceasing Sorrows from The Vastness’ Scion
5. To the Withering Womb
6. Through Fire Upon Fire
7. Embers in The Slumbering Threshold
8. The Silent Solace
9. Emanations from The Swallowed Twilight

PERENNIAL ISOLATION were born in Barcelona in 2012 and some months later released their first EP “Uncertainty” which quickly caught the attention of the underground music scene. In the following years they released two full-length albums — Conviction of Voidness and Astral Dream — supported by several shows throughout the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe. In 2016 PERENNIAL ISOLATION — featuring two new guitar players – unleashed one of their most critically acclaimed records, Epiphanies of the Orphaned Light. After several European tours and festivals with well-known bands like HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY, ENISUM, NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION, GLORIOR BELLI and KAMPFAR, the four-piece started to work on their new record Portraits which will be released on March 26th 2021 via the Dutch label Non Serviam Records