PERFECT WIG ‘Dance With The Devil’

It all started in 2012, when we decided to join forces to create a band playing in the style of glam metal. There were only three of us, Artur Agadzhanov – lead vocal, Eugene Troshin – lead guitar, Ivan Sadovnichiy – drums. We only needed a bass guitar player.

We began to hang and rehearse together. As a result, in 2014 we released our first album of the same name Perfect Wig. There were several local performances at this time but without much success in local clubs. In April 2016, after the release of the new single Give me money, we were invited to New York on the radio Real radio show, for interviews and live performances. In October of that year, we warmed up Enuff’z’nuff at Sunset Strip at Whiskey a Go Go in West Hollywood. Then, upon returning home to cold Moscow, having released another single at the end of 2016, Dogs of law, we started writing a new album, as a result, by the end of 2017 we released Good for countryside, which received good reviews in social networks.

The album was released only in a digital release. Over the next two years, we wrote new material and sometimes performed at local venues. Finally we found the bass of the guitarist – Elena Nozhnitskaya, she showed herself great when recording new material. In October 19, we released the new single, Give me a cure, specifically for our opening act at Quiet Riot’s Whiskey a Go Go.

We are now open for new offers! See you in 2020!

Artur Agadzhanov – lead vocal
Troshin Eugene – lead guitar and back vocal
Sadovnichiy Ivan – drums
Nozhnitskaya Elena – bass guitar

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