Persona – Elusive Reflections

a0886408819_10  Alternative metal is one of the few larger sub-genres of metal that I’m pretty unfamiliar with as Disturbed is really the only band that belongs in that category that I only really ever listen to, but I’ve never been afraid to check out more bands of the genre because who knows what I’m going to found. Well what found me was Persona’s upcoming album “Elusive Reflections” that while I can’t say it really made me fall in love with it or call it “the s**t”, but Persona really demonstrate on this album that they are just here to make catchy metal, but to create something that is different that so many people can wrap their minds around easily. The most notable thing from this band are the vocals which are done amazingly by a woman whose voice just works so well with the overall feel and pace of “Elusive Reflections”, and that immediately sets this band apart from the rest because you just don’t see as many woman-fronted metal bands a whole lot anymore. There are also some elements of orchestral instruments that are put all throughout the album that just adds a little bit more flavor to “Elusive Reflections” that in its most basic form in a very precise mixture of rock, thrash and heavy riffs along with a tiny amount of synths for a little extra kick. Just about all of the songs went over 5 minutes long and while that’s all fine and dandy, Persona seemed to lack just a little tiny amount of something that really makes you want to hear the rest of the album after five or six 5+ minute songs which to me is a little weary, but it’s a small things when taking into account that Persona does their damnedest to keep the quality up for the whole album, which is more than good enough for me. The fact that “Elusive Reflections” is this band’s debut says a lot to me because that means that they can definitely make plenty of changes and improvements to their sound that is alright nice to begin with. In the even that this band puts out another album, I’d be more than keen to see how Persona evolved as a band, and if that’s not something worth looking forward to then I don’t know what is.

“Elusive Reflections” releases on February 12th, and you can stream 3 tracks on Bandcamp here, and watch the music video for the track “Blinded” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Somebody Else
  2. Blinded
  3. Forgotten
  4. Halley
  5. Ageless
  6. Torn
  7. Monsters
  8. He Kills Me More
  9. Persona
  10. The Sea of Fallen Stars