Pezz – More Than You Can Give Us

It is not often we get to review punk albums here on Metal Addicts but that is exactly what we have today. The band at hand has 29 years of experience and a few well-acclaimed albums under their belt. Memphis, Tennessee’s Pezz has been sporadically active the past decade and finally have dropped a new album this year.

Pezz is most notable for One Last Look from 1997, which got great reviews and made its way through several college radio stations. The band’s signature sound matches a lot of 90s punk bands that ruled the era. After years of the band’s uncertainty, they were finally able to record a new album.

More Than You Can Give Us is that album and returns the band’s sound to brilliant form in a new era. Across the board the band sounds great on every track. The adrenaline the band had two decades ago is still pumping in 2018. The album’s opening track, “Live Another Day,” opens with a classic punk riff and continues hard charging the whole way. The lyrics and chorus are brilliant. “Welcome to Palestine,” the following track, is most likely influenced by guitarist Ceylon Mooney, who spent time working in Palestine. “This Too Shall Pass” has a neat opening riff and some catchy lyrics. The chorus alone makes it my favorite song on the album. “Hard Lessons” is more on the aggressive punk side that metal fans can get behind as well. “Guilty” closes out the album in an even more aggressive form. The bridge of the song features a neat bassline from Christian Walker. It is one of the highlights of the album. The record closes just as heavy as it opens, and caps off a great release from a seasoned band.

Albums like this one look to prove that punk is not dead, it just got a little older! Pezz sounds just as good as they did back in the day. The Memphis natives are once again ready to bring their brand of punk to the masses.

More Than You Can Give Us was released on Truant Records on June 30, 2017.

Track listing:

  1. Live Another Day
  2. Welcome to Palestine
  3. Light the Way
  4. This Too Shall Pass
  5. Don’t Walk Away
  6. More Than You Can Give Us
  7. Hard Lessons
  8. Independence Day
  9. I Miss You So Bad
  10. Guilty