PHALLOSOPHER Releases Second Single From Their Upcoming Debut Album

PHALLOSOPHER’s second single “I-Phallo-O-Sopher” is released. The black psychedelia of “I-Phallo-O-Sopher” tells a story about terrors and pleasures of annihilation and creation. Check out the new single below.

Hailing from Tampere, Finland, PHALLOSOPHER is a black metal project by Jesse Heikkinen (HexvesselIterum NataThe Aeon), aka ‘Fra. Kailash’. PHALLOSOPHER combines elements of jazz, ambient and avant-garde with black and death metal creating a collective auditory hallucination formed by transcosmic solar-phallic forces of Death, Magick and Rock’n’Roll. 

PHALLOSOPHER‘s debut album “(I)” will be released in March 19th 2021 e.v. by Inverse Records.

(I)Track Listing:

01. Death is the Crown of All
03. Bring Me the Head of Your Prophet
04. What have You Buried in Here
05. Malkuthian Cunt
06. Black Light of Creation
07. Death is the King and the King has Returned
08. Night of Pan
09. Whore and the Beast