PHANTASMA: ‘Let It Die’ Music Video Released


PHANTASMA, the new Symphonic Rock musical of Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN), Georg Neuhauser (SERENITY) and Oliver Philipps (EVERON) has just premiered the first music video of their upcoming debut The Deviant Hearts: “Let It Die”. Music video can be seen below.

Read what the band has to say about the brand new music video and the track “Let It Die”:

‘Let It Die’ is the album finale and one of the emotional peaks of “The Deviant Hearts”. The video was shot surrounded by nothing but Austrian woods and origami cranes. We can’t wait for you to see the result. Stay tuned!”

Want more PHANTASMA?

Find an exclusive excerpt from “The Deviant Hearts” Novella by Charlotte Wessels, included in the Ltd Edition Earbook and the Ltd Edition digipack below:

“Do you hear that?”

“What?” Robin listened attentively. Only now she noticed that all sound had died away. Not the rustling of a breeze through the grass, not a critter that cried. The sudden quiet was disturbing.
Then suddenly, a movement in the water broke the silence.
The air over the lake grew dense and fog appeared over the middle of it. Thicker and thicker, the growing cloud of fog moved towards the pier, followed by the cranes. From it, Robin and Jacob made up a large unfamiliar shape. Their hearts skipped a beat. They stood frozen as the water splashed before
them. A thundering sound stirred the air before the shape emerged entirely from the smoke.
Loudly, it spoke. “Who disturbs my waters?”

The Deviant Hearts will hit the stores on November 20th and will be available in the formats listed below:
– Ltd Edition Earbook, Bonus Track, 48 Page Booklet including Novel “The Deviant Hearts” + 2 Bonus CD’s incl. “The Deviant Hearts” AUDIOBOOK read by Charlotte Wessels.
– Ltd Edition 6 Page Digipack & Bonus Track- 100 Page Booklet including Novel “The Deviant Hearts” & Digipack Sleeve.
-Regular Jewel Case Edition.
-Digital Download.