PHANTASMA Releases Preview Clip Of Upcoming Debut ‘The Deviant Hearts’


Following the first previews of songs from the upcoming debut The Deviant Hearts by the new Symphonic Rock musical of Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN), Georg Neuhauser (SERENITY) and Oliver Philipps (EVERON), the band has released a full album preview-clip that features samples of songs from the entire record.

Charlotte Wessels on the preview-clip: “Thank you all so much for your continued support! Phantasma has already been voted Loudwire’s Most Anticipated Release a few days ago. Today, you can check out the YouTube Preview of Phantasma’s “The Deviant Hearts”. There are fragments from all songs of the album in this player to give you an idea of the full scope of songs. We hope you enjoy this teaser! Feel free to share!”

Find the preview-clip below.

Find an exclusive excerpt from “The Deviant Hearts” Novella by Charlotte Wessels, included in the Ltd Edition Earbook and the Ltd Edition digipack below:

“You see, I have asked many adult humans for help,” the creature rolled its eyes in its deep sockets, “but adults are so easily distracted by their silly perceptions of reality, thinking they can drown in magical ponds and such.” It made a dramatic gesture, twirling its elegant long index finger next to its head.”But you little things know better, don’t you? No drowning in these waters!”

It paused, then sighed dramatically. “Trouble is, hold your breath long enough, and your heart will stop nonetheless.” With a slender finger it tapped on Jacob’s chest.
The boy’s heart skipped and he had to invest all of his energy to keep a straight face and not show the fear that took hold of him.
“bottom line,” the being continued, “believe you can drown, and drown you will.” It looked down at the pond and Robin and Jacob followed its gaze.
There they were. The bodies of dozens of pale, lifeless men and women staring up from the bottom of the lake, eyes wide open, filled with terror.”

The Deviant Hearts will hit the stores on November 20th and will be available in the formats listed below:
– Ltd Edition Earbook, Bonus Track, 48 Page Booklet including Novel “The Deviant Hearts” + 2 Bonus CD’s incl. “The Deviant Hearts” AUDIOBOOK read by Charlotte Wessels.
– Ltd Edition 6 Page Digipack & Bonus Track- 100 Page Booklet including Novel “The Deviant Hearts” & Digipack Sleeve.
-Regular Jewel Case Edition.
-Digital Download.