PHIL ANSELMO: ‘I Am F**king Clean As A Whistle’

Phil Anselmo

During an interview with the “Fantasm” podcast conducted last fall but only now uploaded to YouTubePhil Anselmo revealed that he is fully healed and healthy, enabling him to take on life in a way he hasn’t been able to in a long time.

Singer said that he feels better than he did two decades ago after undergoing back surgery in January 2018 — the latest in a line of corrective procedures designed to helped him deal with the damage to his back, neck, and knees sustained over nearly 30 years of touring.

“This has been — and I’m gonna say this in all honesty — since about the age of 24, I think, this year, 2018, has been my favorite year I’ve ever lived, the best year I’ve ever lived,” Phil said (hear audio below). “I’ve had my second back surgery. I am f*cking rid of the medical pill mill f*cking industry. I am f*cking clean as a whistle. I haven’t had a drink in almost three years. And I’m 50 and I feel better than I did at 30 and 40. I can hit 12 rounds on the f*cking bag and a kayak up and down the river. And that’s sh*t I would have never dreamed. Besides hitting the bag, kayaking — there’s no way I could have been in that sitting position. I’ve got that sh*t under wraps. I’m feeling great.”