PHIL ANSELMO Says He Wants To Use His ROB HALFORD-Style Vocal Range Again For ‘Old-School’ Metal Project

Phil Anselmo

During a recent interview with Drew Stone of The New York Hardcore Chronicles Live!, Phil Anselmo was asked if he is working on any music at the moment.

“I just pretty much had a new studio installed next door [to my house], and we’re working all kind of bugs out and whatnot,” former PANTERA singer responded. “So I tell my guy, my engineer, I tell him, I said, ‘Just program some drums, man. Give me some drums. Give me a different drum beat every day — up beat, down beat, whatever. Give me something.’ So I’ll walk in, there’s a drumbeat, and I’ll just pick up any instrument and just go right off the cuff. And it is some of the worst music you can imagine.

“I don’t know, man. I’m this close, man [holds two fingers close together] — I’m this close. I’m feeling something. We’ll see what it is. I’ve got a couple of options. I just don’t know, man. If it’s gonna be metal, I wanna do it old school, man. I’ve been kind of feeling more [RobHalford lately, man, vocal-wise, just singing, using my range again. So, we’ll see. It’s gotta be right.”

During a 2020 interview with Revolver magazine, Phil Anselmo discussed who is the greatest metal vocalist of all time.

“Hands down, Rob Halford,” Anselmo said. “Absolutely. DioRonnie James Dio — my Lord, what a powerful presence. [Rob and Ronnie] both — if you were standing on the side [of the stage], they were the loudest freaking thing on that stage. If you went around the front, they were the loudest thing on that stage. So it was amazingly powerful.”