PHIL DEMMEL Release Song That Was Previously Rejected For MACHINE HEAD’s ‘Catharsis’ Album

Phil Demmel

Former MACHINE HEAD and current VIO-LENCE guitarist, Phil Demmel, has unveiled a new song “The Permanent Decay,” with an all-star lineup of BLEEDING THROUGH singer Brandan Schieppati, MEGADTH bassist David Ellefson, and SACRED REICH drummer Dave McClain (also formerly of MACHINE HEAD).

The statement reads: “Music written by Phil Demmel in late 2016 and rejected for use on the album Catharsis. Post-MH Dave McClain and Phil get together to record riffs Phil wrote for a medley to be used on an upcoming clinic tour. They also record the music for what will become ‘The Permanent Decay’.

Brandan Schieppati is approached to write lyrics and sing over the tracks and later legendary MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson adds his lines to complete this BANGER of a track.”

Listen to the song below.