PHIL LEWIS Calls GENE SIMMONS ‘Stupid Sh*t’ For ‘Rock Is Dead’ Claims

Gene Simmons

In a new interview with Music Legends, L.A. GUNS frontman Phil Lewis, he was asked what he thinks about Gene Simmons“rock is dead” claims.

He responded:

“That phrase ‘rock is dead,’ Gene Simmons [KISS] has been bandying that around for a while now, thinking he’s really edgy and how astute he is.

If Gene Simmons had made an album as good as [L.A. GUNS’ 2017 LP] ‘The Missing Peace’ or ‘The Devil You Know’, he wouldn’t be talking that stupid sh*t. Because it’s not dead. And I’m optimistic, I’m thrilled that GRETA VAN FLEET won a Grammy. I love those guys. Not just the music — just the fact that it’s that generation, it’s inspiring of 12- and 13-year-olds to pick up a guitar. And I’ve been waiting for that for so long.

There’s nothing cooler than being in a band. There’s nothing cooler than being able to pick up a guitar and play for people. And chicks just dig that. And the sooner that these guys in their late teens and early 20s realize that… They don’t wanna sit and watch you play a f*cking video game. They want you to play ’em a song. Learn to play a f*cking song — even if it’s one song, learn how to play it. And you’ll be amazed how it improves your life.”

Entire interview can be listened below.