PHILOSOPHOBIA on ‘Philosophobia’

In 2007 long-time friends Andreas Ballnus and Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyrha, Mekong Delta) gathered up at SU2 Studios in Germany to record some demo songs for a prog metal concept album Andreas had written in the last couple of months. Shortly after Alex joined Annihilator as their touring drummer while Andreas became the guitar player of former Iron Maiden singer Paul Dianno. Both touring around the world for years. 
So unfortunately they had to postpone their prog adventure due to lack of time.

Gildenlöw for a book project he wrote. They soon became friends and when Kristoffer heard the demos by coincidence one way he was blown away by the quality of the songs! With Kristoffer on board, who has massive experience in recording as well as a touring musician with swedish progressive metal flagship Pain of Salvation, dutch progressive rock legends Kayak and many others it was time to resurrect Philosophobia and return to the studio.

Completed by Alex’s friend and keyboard wizard Tobias Weißgerber as well as singer Domenik Papaemmanouil of Greek proggers Wastefall, who already had sung on the demos back in 2007 too, the recordings for their debut album began in 2020 against all odds.
Alex and Andy went to SU2 Studios in the south of Germany and recorded nine songs of which eight made it onto the album. As a matter of fact six oft them remained the same songs that were written in 2007. Andreas and Alex still felt that those songs were timeless and deserved to be recorded for the final album version!

Together with recording engineer and producer Phil Hillen (Powerwolf, Kamelot, Alyssa White Gluz and many others) Andreas, Alex, Kristoffer, Domenik and Tobi recorded a one hour long prog metal experience covering silent tunes to heavy prog metal tracks to instrumentally artistic rollercoaster rides.

“Philosophobia” was mastered by Alan Douches (e.g. Fates Warning, Redemption, Mastodon etc) at West West Side Music, NY.

2022 is going to see Philosophobia release their debut album via Sensory Records (which was their number one dream label) and it is also going to witness Kristoffer Gildenlöw‘s return to Prog Metal since his departure from Pain of Salvation on stages worldwide!

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