Phobiatic – Fragments of Flagrancy

 Phobiatic has taken old school death metal and put their own technical metal spin on it making it a fantastic album if you’re looking for something familiar and different.

“Fragments of Flagrancy” is an impressive album to say in the least with its raw sound of the old school death metal and the twist of modern technical metal which is done so well.

This is for the fans of those who want the 80s back in action but have become too familiar with today’s heavier metal that you just want a hybrid, and Phobiatic has created that hybrid.

“Fragments of Flagrancy” can be streamed and bought via Phobiatic’s Bandcamp page here.


Track Listing:

  1. Bugging Operation
  2. Downward Spiral
  3. Ripped To Shreds
  4. House In Cleveland
  5. A Genius of Manipulation
  6. R.A.T.T.
  7. Suitable Method
  8. Abnormal Dilation
  9. Like Pigs in the Dirt
  10. Metropolis (of the Dead)