Pissed JAMES HETFIELD Throws Guitar During METALLICA Show

James Hetfield Pissed

James Hetfield “threw his guitar out of frustration” after performing “Sad But True” at METALLICA‘s show in Little Rock, AR on Sunday (January 20).

A fan wrote on Reddit:

“I remember this happening. It was at the end of ‘Sad But True.’ The guy sitting next to me said they messed it up real bad so I assumed he was just pissed about the screw-up.”

Another fan noted:

“So that’s what happened! Was surprised when I saw him throw it across the stage. Phenomenal show! Was my 17th show and the boys never disappoint.”

Another fan added:

“He dropped it and it snapped the audio cable plug so he got pissed at himself and threw the guitar. They were trying to remove the end of the plug from the guitar after that…”