Planepacked – Transactinides Review

I guess I made myself very clear every time here I set my muscial boundaries. Even it seems I don’t have many they are pretty clear. However there is a musical style that I really can’t stand with and this eletrocnica and everything related to it. I can’t even hear about any kind of electronic music or dance music. I don’t dance, I don’t like to dance. All kinds of dancing music makes me very, but very nervous. They give me the creeps. My usual reaction to them is always a sonorous and round yuk. That said and done now we can talk about this Planepacked and “Transactinides.”

Ok, this is a hybrid of Metal music and eletronica. Clearly with fifty-fifty percent of each. I don’t know if I’m getting too old for this. I don’t if I’m really hearing it okay. I don’t know if it’s the low fever I have now because of throat. But the thing is that I find this hybrid very, but very exciting and intense. Sometimes add some Prog Rock features as in some keyboarding as in the album tittle track “Transactinides.” and the thing gets pretty better. But I surrender to the insane mix the band did here. The vocal duet between a female voice that gets soprano once in a while and the desperate female harsh vocals with an extreme Metal attitude really got me by the guts. By the way, “Red Star Succubus” is much more an experimental Progressive Rock as Tangerine Dream or Mike Oakfiled than eletronica. With the plus of an insane and desperate voice. The guitars here are peculiar. They have a real Metal sound. They’re string and heavy but all the eletronic effects and noises kind of overwhelm them all. Ah, and for my bad, there are no guitar solos. Only a lick here and there. “Dual Shock Agent” is a kind of hybrid between Metal, electronica and Progressive Rock. The outcome I must say that it’s very interesting. Ah, I forgot about the drumming that most of the time sounds also very heavy and very Metal. It’s interesting that as the album goes by the more progressive it gets. Take a look at “Heliotaxis” and see what I’m talking about. So very progressive.

“Transactinides” is that album that i recommend for my fan that has an open mind but doesn’t accept anything. That fan to whom Metal is the real deal but sometimes accepts something very different but with a Metal accent. That’s exactly what I have here. I guess I have never heard so many keyboards textures. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still Metal to the bones!

Planepacked “Transactinides” will be self-released on April 08th.

Track Listing:

  1. Azure (Her Clarion Call)
  2. Behind the Bitmask
  3. Dark Pact
  4. Transactinides
  5. The Demon Core
  6. Red Star Succubus
  7. Dual Shock Agent
  8. Morphological Freedom
  9. Heliotaxis
  10. Ascendency

Watch “The Demon Core” official video here: