Post-Industrial Metal Band ZEISTENCROIX Releases New Single ‘Ice Queen’

Zeistencroix band

Los Angeles-based post-industrial metal band ZEISTENCROIX has created something different from anything they have ever done before. Their new single “Ice Queen” released on July 29th. The song is personal to the band. It is emotionally driven and very different from what they are used to writing, but at the same time, it feels right to them.

“The song is about a relationship, how one can feel left out of the picture because the other partner never fought enough, or how one can regret not being aware of what was going on in the relationship’ says lead singer Orlando Draven. “How someone be so cold to leave everything without a care in the world, it is a love song.”

“Ice Queen” was mixed by Tim Palmer.

Palmer says,” Great to mix again for ZEISTENCROIX. Once more the band have delivered powerful songs that manage to remain melodic, but are still as heavy as hell. The challenge of the mixing was to bring out all the beauty of the music, but present it as powerfully as possible. I think we achieved this!”

ZEISTENCROIX is a trio of metal renegades who merge together genres of alternative, rock, grunge, jazz, and, of course, metal. Orlando Draven (OD), lead vocalist and songwriter, has been singing since childhood and began leaning into his signature throat singing at 16 years old. Santi Rivillas takes control of drums and every visual aspect of the band, being an Art Director and graphic designer in his own right, and Akopan, (AKO), is on guitar enthralling fans with his showmanship during each and every performance. Cruxi-Fixion is being recorded at Stygian Sound with Alex Crescioni to be released via Pavement Entertainment, with whom the band recently signed.