Postcards from New Zealand – Burn, Witch, Burn Review

Vicious. Cruel. Raw. Amazing.

Those are the first impressions about “Burn, Witch, Burn” from Postcards from New Zealand – just a second, I’ve gotta a lot to say about this name. However, what sounded a Raw Black Metal band in the beginning, at the last track sounded much more as an experimental Black Metal band. “Who’s Wearing Pants” and “On a Silver Plate” sounded a lot as 1980s Black Metal bands. The same rawness and unpolished sound. That itself would be a big fuzz. However from “All the Same” on Postcards from New Zealand – I will say a few words about this name, wait on – had a massive change of heart. Ok, the name of the tracks should have told me anything. I shouldhave know better but I got  caught by the guts by its pungent sonancy. Well, it’s not the first time that you my dear chiuld of the night see me changing my heart in the middle of the review. It happens. Let me elaborate a little more about this change of heart. It’s not that “Burn, Witch, Burn” was changed from scratch to something really different. No, it’s not it. It’s just that the unpolished and raw were changed by the polished and experimental adding lots of sound effects and other instruments which took away all the rawness from the album. Vocals are still the same and so does the intent of shocking.

Ok, now about the band’s name. First, it is the most nonsense band name I’ve ever seen around here. Second, it never crossed my mind this album to be Black Metal or even the likes. It’s so unexpected. Not really bad, just unexpected. However, on second thought it fits perfectly with the experimental drive the band went on. Third track’s guitar sound is much like the sound of a bad carburator, if my dear fan knows what I’m saying. It’s putrid, wore out, and an absolute waste of time and money to try to recever it – if my dear fan is younger for a longer time he’ll know what I’m saying. Ok, “Burn, Witch, Burn” proved to be as unexpected and surprising as the band’s name Postcards from New Zealand.

P.S: A burning question: will I receive a postcard from New Zealand? Just kidding.

Postcards from New Zealand “Burn, Witch, Burn” will be released on April 08th.

Track Listing:

  1. Who’s Wearing Pants
  2. On a Silver Plate
  3. All the Same
  4. Pinky Swear
  5. Soccer Mum
  6. Pill Fight
  7. Dead Skin Care
  8. Themiscyra
  9. Burn, Witch, Burn

Watch “Pinky Swear” official video here: