PostNatura – PostNatura

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to this debut album is the song’s titles. The name “Gagarin” tells a lot about PostNatura sonance. The cosmic soundscapes prevail in PostNatura first effort. In general, “PostNatura” is an album that makes the listener relax and mentally travel to void with the sound of the guitars. The music you feel during this thirty minute – or so – trip is a kind of art rock with more cosmical instrumental passages. PostNatura are very well succeeded in “Frankenstein” in passing all the horror and beauty the character leaves us. It kind of emulates all the feeling the Mary Shelley’s story in only eight minutes.

PostNatura tried to keep a zeppelinian atmosphere in most songs through fingered guitars and echoing drums. “Nepal” struggles to be a new “Kashmir” with a “No Quarter” guitar riff. It almost does it, but it makes me miss Robert Plant voice. There is a lot of art rock references in Postnatura especially when we listen to “Dybuk” with its Yes sonance. But the guitar is stronger, low-toned giving a contrast with the delicacy of keyboards and the thin fingered guitar embellishment. It gets more vivid as soon as it gets to the end. Postnatura’s guitars do not deal with riffing, but they create a texture that fulfills songs giving them a hidden beauty. That’s what PostNatura are for; to create a delicate texture in order to tell a story through music. The last, but not the least track “Stary czêowiek i morze” (The Old and the sea) does it very well. One could close the eyes and imagine the film – or the book.

Postnatura’s Postnatura was released on December 8th.

Tracl Listing:

  1. Gagarin
  2. Czaple
  3. Nepal
  4. Frankenstein
  5. Siostra
  6. Dybuk
  7. Stary człowiek i morze

Watch “Gagarin” official video here: