Power From Hell – Profound Evil Presence

It’s always with a great joy that we have the rare oportunity of reviewing following efforts from bands. In January of 2018 we had the pleasure of reviewing Power From Hell’sBlood and Spikes” which had a great taste of the 1980’s nascent Extreme Metal moviment. As I always remind, when I say that there is a great taste of something, or when I say that a band has influences of another bands, I mean no harm. I don’t want to say in any way that the band is a pure copycat of the other. No, never. When I write a review I have to explain the music to fans with words, and as many have noticed, it is a very hard task to tell how a song sound. That’s why we use references. Just that, references.

In “Profound Evil Presence” Power From Hell give a step forward in their career. They managed to stay loyal to their influences and to incorporate some Modern features to their music what give them a chance to step forward. “Profound Evil Presence” means a happy marriage – hum, does that exist? – of the 1980s Extreme Metal with Modern Extreme Metal. It’s a perfect instrumental match because the drumming remains the good old speed-of-light pace with the combination of the characteristic fast bass drums-snare playing. The modern touch comes with guitar structures using more single chord phrasing and its repetition. While the drumming mantains the fierceful grip of the band, the guitar flies away to give more emotional feelings. By emotional feeling I mean anger and wrath, two feelings that represent well Power From Hell intent as a band. Don’t you ever forget that Power From Hell represent what there is of more cruel Metal playing in Extreme Metal world. In all in songs it’s possible to feel a cruel joy, a satisfaction of serving the most dark forces of this world in the form of music. It’s not difficult to feel when a band really mean it.

With Power From Hell “Profound Evil Presence” it’s possible to major how important roots are to a band. It forms a solid ground where bands can firm themselves in terms of music and attitude. It reinforces what I always say that nothing comes out from the the blue. It is always a moving process. “Blood and Spikes” was a needed step to Power From Hell stand, and understand, their position in order to move forward now in “Profound Evil Presence.”

Power From Hell “Profound Evil Presence” was released on June 14th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Nightmare
  2. When Night Falls
  3. False Puritan Phisolophy
  4. Lust, Sacriledge & Blood
  5. Nocturnal Desire
  6. Unholy Dimension
  7. Lucy’s Curse
  8. Diabolical Witchcraft
  9. Into the Sabbath
  10. Elizabeth Needs Blood
  11. Demons of the Night

Watch “Lust, Sacriledge & Blood” official video here: