POWER FROM HELL Reassert Their Power With “Blood’n’Spikes”

In 2001 the Brazilian three-piece POWER FROM HELL was formed by mainman Sodomic, back then still as a one-man-project, to hail the cult of Bathory and other old heroes such as VenomSodom or Onslaught. Their 2004 debut album “The True Metal” was followed by several more full-lengths and EPs. Now they return with a MLP, “Blood’n’Spikes,” which contains 5 new tracks as well as a Judas Priest cover and pushes the Black Metal aspects more to the forefront yet never leaves the thrashing roots behind. The band has already played two US tours and several gigs all over South America. With this release on Dying Victims Productions from Germany, the band is ready to take on Europe!

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Track Listing:

1. Hell’s Gang Bang (2:55)
2. Swallowed By Darkness (3:42)
3. Obscure Creation (2:49)
4. Altars of the Black Rites (3:16)
5. Into the Void of Death (3:48)
6. Freewheel Burning (Judas Priest – Cover) (4:34)


Sodomic: Vocals, Guitars
Tormentor: Bass
Death: Drums