Power Metallers URANTIA Release Clip in Honor Of Van Gogh

Urantia, a Power Metal band from Brazil, release the clip for the single “Van Gogh,” which pays homage to the painter’s art. With images that portray the aesthetics of light and shadow, present in the works of the Dutch artist, the music also proposes a duality between joy and sadness, ecstasy and calm. The song brings in its lyrics a poetic reinterpretation of the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh, uniting touches of mysticism.

“The video had a low budget and a surprising result. We filmed in locations in Brazilian country towns, showing beautiful natural scenarios, which represent light, while the representation of darkness came from scenes made in the studio. This video signifies the opening of new roads for the promotion of Urantia and also a new opportunity to ‘taste’ the song in a multimedia format, meaning that fans will be able to better visualize the whole proposal of the song and become more deeply involved.”, explains Vicktor Correa, drummer for Urantia.

Formed in 2015, Urantia are a Power Metal band with female vocals. In his discography are the EPs “Innerverse I” (2017) and “Innerverse II” (2019), as well as the singles “Evil Angel” (2018) and “Van Gogh” (2021). With heavy and fast instrumentals, the band mixes elements of Brazilian regional and classical music from the Baroque period. While the lyrics seek to convey positive messages by addressing themes such as philosophy, history and mysticism, as well as science fiction, literature and fantasy.

The clip featured musicians Raíza Silva (vocals), Wallace Oliveira (guitar), Rafael Dalcero (bass) and Vicktor Correa (drums and guitar). The recording was performed by Bruno Soares. The production, direction, editing and art were carried out by Vicktor Correa, at Krypta Estúdio

Watch “Van Gogh” official video here: