POWERWOLF: ‘Army Of The Night’ Song Premiere


After their critically acclaimed number 1-chart-album Preachers of the Night POWERWOLF are back and ready to enthrall with their next and upcoming masterpiece Blessed & Possessed set to be released in July on Napalm Records.
The density of hits and anthems on their sixth epic record is almost ungodly – firing hit after hit and crowned by the sensational track “Army Of the Night”, which definitely enthralls the listener from the beginning and leads up to a top direction by presenting a metal hymn which is both emotive and pure magic. ‘Army Of The Night‘ can be listened via SoundCloud widget below.

POWERWOLF states: „‘Army Of The Night‘ is one of the many songs of “Blessed & Possessed” we can’t wait to perform live. Already the very first time we played that song during the songwriting, the energy and dynamics literally blew us away and we felt like this is going to be a must-play. While many of the songs on “Blessed & Possessed” are very detailed and elaborated, this one is probably one of straightest and most compact POWERWOLF songs to date.”

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