Powerwolf – Blessed and Possessed

PromoImage (52)  As one of the most popular and/or well known power metal mammoths, Powerwolf’s brand new upcoming album “Blessed and Possessed” is highly anticipated by fans of both the band and the genre to be fairly good. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not good, it’s f**king great! Straight out of the gate this album is an absolute smack to the face of power metal with the signature vocals of Powerwolf and the fast paced guitars that still carry the melody that you would expect from a band that sings about werewolves, religion, myths; you get the idea. Every single one of the 11 tracks off of “Blessed and Possessed” is an amazingly done piece of work that will have fans drooling over how awesome they are in sound, quality, and feel. I have personally never followed Powerwolf all that much, but now I wish I had because this album is everything a power metal fan could ask for and I imagine the fans will s**t their pants after hearing just the beginning track. Combining the melody of the guitars, the speed of both the drums and guitars, and the sleek sound of the vocals make “Blessed and Possessed” an excellent album that will not be soon forgotten as tracks little “We Are the Wild”“Christ and Combat”, and the title track will love on for a very long time in many fans’ playlists and music collections because they are what make this album a great piece that (to me) is only a few inches shy of a masterpiece. But I already know several people will call this a masterpiece, and I can’t blame them one bit. This is a fantastic album.

“Blessed and Possessed” comes out on July 17th. You can stream the lyric video for “Out In the Fields” (Gary Moore cover) via YouTube below and then purchase the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Blessed & Possessed
  2. Dead Until Dark
  3. Army of the Night
  4. Armata Strigoi
  5. We Are the Wild
  6. Higher Than Heaven
  7. Christ & Combat
  8. Sanctus Dominus
  9. Sacramental Sister
  10. All You Can Bleed
  11. Let There Be Night