PPROJECT Prepare The New Revolution In ‘Silicon Valley’

The band is consisting from members of metal genre forming bands in Slovakia active on the rock scene since the 90s. The band was created by Krutor (Patrik Gebe) in 2003 as a project between bands – Voice of Grave and Blood hunt. It was known under the name Promile Projekt as a punk-rock band with satirical lyrics in Slovak language. Under this name the band released two albums: JRD pok-rock (2010) and Hity našej Gity (2015). In 2016 the guys decided to change style and try a new metal wave. At the presence the band belongs to forming members of the cyber-metal style family worldwide.

The band title PProject is related not just to the previous band name, but also to a unique MMO multiplayer game. The music is written also for the game and will be used as in-game music. The game will support also music of various artists as a unique project between gaming and music. The game is a product of the band, it is actually in playable form but still in development. More info soon here on bands website in section “game”. The band will play the “Silicon Valley” set also live on upcoming gigs. There are also 3 music videos in progress. There are already teasers on bands Youtube channel.

Some revealed plans for the future from PProject  leader :

“I really enjoyed the work on this album. My goal was not to fall into stereotypes and give each song its own sound, mood and energy to create an interesting diversity.  But on the way arose many new ideas and we are already working on our new album.  I can reveal that the new album will be even much more diverse and i think also darker and more expressive.  You can allready see some samples on our instagram channel.  After we release our music video to song “Fight” from “Silicon Valley” album we start to work on videos to the next album. There are allready some moodboards and we will feature some great graphic artists for coop. We want also to release our own post-apo game in early 2021.More info soon on our website and socials.”

Band Line-Up:
Patrik Gebe (Krutor) – music, lyrics, composition, guitar, vocal, recording, mix and mastering.
Most known as founder of Blood hunt – forming black-metal band in Slovakia since 1998.
Played in many bands, projects, author of game, movie and theater music.

Rober Martonak (Robot) – drums Most known from band Silent Scream, played in more bands and projects.

Karol Gere (Karlos) – bass Most known from band Xibalba, played in more bands and projects.

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