Pressor – Weird Things

Sometimes it’s really hard to explain or to put in words the music a band makes. Though I’ve been reviewing Metal acts for almost three years, I can’t say I’ve heard enough or even worse, that I know everything about Metal and its bands. Hence, once in a while, there is a band that puzzles me as Pressor with “Weird Things” did. The grip is heavy, the music is exciting, cadence has that uptempo feeling, guitars are dirt sounding and vocals are outrageous. Well, good enough, isn’t it? Yeah, it is but the electronic effects puzzles me and sometimes take the music to unknown directions. No problem with that, but the feeling is that in a sudden it will turn out to be some kind of industrial thing with more prominent electronic. Long story short, in fact, that doesn’t happen at all, thus the feeling remains.

“Weird Things” is of only four tracks. However, only track one has all of the characteristics I told above. It’s an open track where anything can really happen no matter what it is. For our lucky it gets heavier and leave the electronic effects behind giving room to a heavy and distorted line that gives lots of power to “Heavy State” – an appropriate name, by the way. Guitar solos are scarce, though. It’s possible to find them only at the end of “Tripping Deep” – another track that values a lot the tittle with its heavy and distorted bass lines. Pressor, at times, have a Sabbatish taste specially when the guitars get low and with that warm and whole fuzz pedal sonance. But it’s not only that, Pressor, though the electronic feeling, sound heavy, warm and exciting due to the high adrenalized cadence that takes form in all tracks. Last, but not least track, “Hexadecimal Unified Insanity” adds to Pressor’s formula a dense and dark mood which recalls to Black metal acts with a darker voice and hypnotic somber electronic effects which this time take the lead. What would be preoccupying at first, now adds a great deal of excitement to the track. In fact, “Hexadecimal Unified Insanity” is a very nice track, I don’t if it is the best of “Weird Things.”

“Weird Things” promises an unfulfilled electronic industrial grip, instead Pressor offer an exciting and vigorous Heavy Metal act, though with its untraditional paths. A great play to whom wants something out of the way.

Pressor “Weird Things” was released in 2018 via Addict Label.

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Track Listing:

  1. Heavy State
  2. Weird Things
  3. Tripping Deep
  4. Hexadecimal Unified Insanity

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