PROBENATION Await for the ‘Invasion’

Based in Surrey, UK, ProbeNation display a unique blend of power metal and sci-fi with a twist, they sing about aliens!
The band’s complex and dynamic sound is made unique by their use of unlikely instruments for the genre such as theremin which gives them a sci-fi sound like nothing you’ve ever heard. With influences such as Gloryhammer, Alestorm and Sabaton, ProbeNation is sure to catch the attention of a large range of metal and sci-fi fans alike.
ProbeNation founder, Ronnie Wilson, has worked with members of Alestorm and Rumahoy in the past, giving ProbeNation a healthy understanding of what is required to be successful in this genre.
ProbeNation have a five track EP recorded, mixed and mastered which is set to be released on March 18th 2022. The EP is entitled ‘Invasion’ and features a balance of bone crushing power metal as well as fun metal ‘party’ songs which will create an amazing live show for all to enjoy, sing, dance and have a great time!
The band formed in late 2020 when Ronnie Wilson decided to try playing metal on a Theremin, when he quickly realised that this was a sound like no other. He has always had a genuine interest in all things space related and wanted to try creating a new sound using this theme.
The band is currently planning the release of their debut EP while also working on some ideas for their first full length album.

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