ProbeNation – Invasion Review

Can my dear fan wonder how would be Yes, the Prog Rock band, mixed with Metal music? Well, wonder no more. Here we’ve got ProbeNation with “Invasion” that stops with this long await. With a plus, the alien and extraterrestrial thematic and some space rock of the 1970s. By the way, the label space rock wouldn’t be that wrong to explain the band’s music. It’s only a bit heavier bit the effects are all here interwoven with a Jon Anderson’s voice. Last, but not least, and band’s name track “ProbeNation” gives the right idea of the band’s musical philosophy.

The album opens up with “Space Raiders” with a strong taste of Prog Metal and Space Rock. I guess the kind of music Ace Frehley would love to have done. As a general sense, “Invasion” is full of those white noise from 1950s or 1960 B-movies with a modern wrpaping of Prog Metal and the marvelous voice that reminds a lot Yes’s Jon Anderson as I mentioned before. I guess the fans of both will love this EP – Well, I guess it is an EP. Ok, this is the simple version of this albums and as you and me know things are never that simple especially when it’s Metal we’re talking about. Tittle track “Invasion” tells us so. The song has a melodic going and saves on the space white noise becoming much more Progressive than anything else. “Alcohol Abduction” changes even more the mood of the album with an anthemic chorus and rhythmic progression. I really don’t know alien lifeforms would love to have “whiskey, rum, and vodka too,” but “Alcohol Abduction” changes that idea of absenteeism would affect our aliens. That’s a fair enough question we all want to know the answer.

“Invasion” is really an interesting albums with somethin similar to Yes but as a fan I miss Steve Howie’s guitar solos as there are no guitar solos in the album. If well-performed they would give an even stronger space sonancy. However the mood created in the album is satisfying. I guess it would attract more aliens… Just a thought…

ProbeNation “Invasion” will be released on March 18th.

Track Listing:

  1. Space Raiders
  2. Invasion
  3. Extraterrestrial Heart
  4. Alcohol Abduction
  5. ProbeNation