Procession – Doom Decimation

“Doom Decimation” is the third doom metal effort in a role. It has been a great year for doom bands, I must say. The number and the quality of the releases are outstanding. And some say Heavy Metal is dead… Hahahahahahahahahahaha Metal is not dead. It came from the dead fifty years ago. It is the undead. You cannot kill it even if you wish so. Metal is THE plague. Kneel, poor fashionists!

And Procession dare to stand out from the mob. Really great band. They bounce from the boundaries of good old traditional Metal to doom in this “Doom Decimation.” The singer Felipe Plaza is just fantastic. No words to explain the guy. Most of the shine of “Doom Decimation” is because of him. No, no, I am not fair enough. All the players are fantastic. Procession are such a cohesive band. I dare to say if that would be the 1980’s, “Doom Decimation” would be playing on U. S. Fm radios. “Doom Decimation’s” songs are of such rare quality that they could be playing on radio and no one would dare to say they are commercial. I am deeply sorry to have let froze in my musical archieves. Really, really sorry.

Guitar phrases and riffs come so easily. Almost natural. So are the solos. As I said before, Procession work altogether. Really a band where the music shines, not only the musicians. “Doom Decimation” is an effort planned to make the songs shine. It is a win-win band. And we, the fans, are the ones who wins most with this music of great quality.

There are some moments, as in “As They Reached The Womb,” that Procession are almost a prog band. And I say that as a compliment. The best moment in “Doom Decimation” for sure. A catchy chorus too. Ok, just a moment. The music stoped. Let me play it all again. Ah, great stuff!

Procession “Doom Decimation” was released on October 30th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Warning
  2. When Doomsday Has Come
  3. Lonely Are The Ways Of Stranger
  4. Amidst The Bowels Of Earth
  5. Democide
  6. All Descending Suns
  7. As They Reached The Womb
  8. One By One They Died

Watch “Amidst The Bowels Of Earth” official video here: