PRONG Are At The ‘Age Of Defiance’

Like few other contemporary metal bands, Prong are synonymous with a down-to-earth attitude, stamina and a close bond with their fans. “Since the beginning of our career, we’ve done almost everything ourselves,” guitarist, vocalist and band founder Tommy looks back at the group’s intense and extremely strenuous early phase in the 1980s. “Not only did we write songs and record albums, we also managed the band, looked after the merchandise, sent demos to clubs and booked vans. Then there were a few years with record companies and agencies involved to support us. Today we’re back to the beginning, we’ve come full circle.” The latest feat proves Prong’s great commitment: A new EP, available on Digi-CD and 12” vinyl, featuring two brand-new studio recordings and three live cuts, will be out on Steamhammer/SPV from 29 November 2019. The EP’s title is “Age Of Defiance.” The digital single ‘End Of Sanity’ will arrive on 25 October 2019 to herald this thoroughly accomplished recording.
“Age Of Defiance” sees Prong bridge the gap between the release of two regular studio albums – always a difficult phase to endure for their fans. Since the launch of their 2017 recording “Zero Days,” the group has toured ceaselessly around the world, so the arrival of a successor album is unlikely before the end of 2020. Says Victor:
“We’ve squeezed in the EP so our fans don’t have to wait so long for the new material. Having brought out so many albums, I opted for an EP – on the one hand because the two studio numbers absolutely deserve it, and on the other hand because you can keep the energy level really high if you focus on two tracks. I think you can feel the band’s spirited performance in every note.”
The new 5-track EP opens with the title song ‘Age Of Defiance,’ which Victor describes as “pretty unusual for Prong.” “It’s extremely powerful, with a great groove, haunting chorus, everything’s fresh and contemporary.” According to the Prong mastermind, the second studio number ‘End Of Sanity’ is “a thrash/hardcore/crossover number in typical Prong style which I wrote especially for our American tour with Agnostic Front. If you’re into Prong, you’ll love this track.” “Age Of Defiance” also features three live cuts, recorded by Victor & co. during their major headlining tour at Berlin club Huxleys Neue Welt in April 2015: ‘Rude Awakening’ from the same-named 1996 opus, plus ‘Another Worldly Device’ and ‘Cut Rate’ from the 1994 major label album release Cleansing. A total of five songs which forge an arc between past, present and future.
Tommy Victor co-produced the current album, it was mixed and mastered by Chris Collier (Korn, Lynch Mob, Ultraphonix) again, an acknowledged studio buff with a knack for those perfect Prong dynamics.
“Chris is a wonderful sound engineer who understands my ideas immediately and knows how to implement them,” Victor praises his production partner, adding: ”We’ve worked together for years, Chris also collaborated with us on Ruining Lives (2014), Songs From The Black Hole (2015), X-No Absolutes (2016) and Zero Days (2017).”
It’s obvious that Tommy Victor is thoroughly happy with the current situation in the Prong camp, which also includes bassist Jason Christopher and drummer Aaron Rossi.
“Aaron is a real powerhouse drummer and provides the band’s rhythm foundation,” Victor enthuses. “He already appeared on “Power Of The Damager” in 2007 and rejoined us last year. Jason has been with us for eight years; he’s the best bassist I’ve ever played with since the sadly deceased Paul Raven, and an amazing performer on stage.” In other words, all is well with Prong? “Totally,” grins Tommy Victor, “This band is more than ever an important part of my spiritual life. I don’t persist with it for the fame and glory, but out of gratitude and modesty because God has given me this gift.”

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