Prosecutor: AC/DC’s PHIL RUDD Made Death Threat During Phone Call


According to The Canberra Times, AC/DC‘s Phil Rudd allegedly threatened to kill a contractor and his daughter during a phone conversation, leading to the drummer’s latest legal troubles.

A court document released on Friday (December 5) reveals the phone call was made to the victim on September 26. That same day more than two months ago, Rudd allegedly called a business associate to discuss what he wanted done to the other man and his daughter.

Rudd was arrested on November 6 after police searched his home, where they discovered 0.71 grams of methamphetamine and 130g of cannabis.

He is due back in court on February 10 to face those charges and will likely face a “judge-only” trial early next year. Rudd had also been charged with hiring a hitman to commit a murder, but that charge was quickly dropped.

Rudd did play drums on AC/DC‘s new album, “Rock Or Bust”, but the band revealed that he was late to the recording sessions and was almost replaced in the studio.

The drummer also failed to show up for video and photo shoots in London in late October. His status with the band remains unclear at this point.

Rudd was taken to a police station in Tauranga, New Zealand in handcuffs after an incident on Thursday morning (December 4). According to 3 News, witnesses at a local coffee shop saw Rudd get into a dispute with “a taller, bigger guy” who was trying to get away from Rudd.” A third man, believed to be Rudd‘s bodyguard, tried to break up the fight between the rocker and the taller man by holding the drummer back.

Rudd was taken into court, where his lawyer acknowledged that Rudd breached his bail agreement by having contact with a potential witness in his upcoming trial.

The judge set a new bail, adding a new condition in which Rudd is not allowed to consume illegal drugs.

Rudd‘s lawyer said of the Thursday morning incident, “It was a meeting with somebody he wasn’t meant to associate with in a shop. It was a chance meeting and then there was contact from that.”


Source: Blabbermouth