Protean Shield – Protean Shield Review

Epic with no intention of being epic. At first, I was caught by the tone of the guitar riffs. Then it was the very personal vocals that kept the attention. Finally, the way the band presented the songs was a killer. “Protean Shield” is a grateful surprise as it didn’t attract me for the very first time I put it on play and had to put it on hold. But, then, as I always say, I gave the band a second chance because everybody deserves a second chance and it wasn’t in vain. The album is good for Old School Heavy Metal fans and very good for Old School Heavy Metal fans who appreciate a bit of excess. I say a bit of excess because Protean Shield planned their music to be of a bit of excess in the essence. Epic Heavy Metal has excess as a rule and it wouldn’t be different here. Harris Stampoulidis’s vocals represent this excess better than anything. By the way, besides the excess, his vocals are the thing that really attract to the band. Two sides of the same coin as a matter of speaking.

Metal music has had a long tradition on epic bands making epic music. And, of course, a long tradition of epic excess. Maybe the first of them was Manowar and their prone to shine way beyond. I see lots of Manowar here. Protean Shield don’t have the same instrumental prowess as Manowar – but who has? However, the lyrical content and the visual intent are the same. Sword and cape lyrics with an imposed voice is a killer combination as “47 Ronin” and “Stormbringer” prove my child of the night. As I said Harris Stampoulidis’s vocal performance is the thing that attracts to Protean Shield’s music.

It’s fair to say that “Protean Shield” has the vibe of good old Heavy Metal with some heroic performances that highlight their music. “Lament,” for instance, showcases some violins and cellos in a touching intro to the long and longing “Mariner’s Dream” written for the ones who had their lives to the seas. The band gives all of their dramatic performance here making the track unforgetable. The catchy guitars do the same here. By the way, a big hail to bassist Petros Vasiliadis whose inspiring performances makes the album even more interesting.

In many ways “Protean Shield” is a remarkable album. Fans of the good old Heavy Metal with a prone to the epic and enchanted will love it even more.

Protean Shield “Protean Shield” was released on June 23rd via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Protean Shield
  2. 47 Ronin
  3. Stormbringer
  4. Lament
  5. Mariner’s Dream
  6. The Pendulum
  7. Sin and Dream
  8. Steel of Ages
  9. Dancers at the End of Time

Watch “Protean Shield” official lyric video: