Pröwess – Blacktop Therapy

We are all agreed that it is impossible to physically travel in time. But pay close attention, I said physically. Well, until it is proven otherwise. We never know. Things are changing so fast, but in this case I guess it’s going to take a big while because it is necessary to go against Einstein. But whatever. Music can make us travel back.

Here at Metal Addicts we reviewing lots of bands that are a real trip to the past. It’s not to any past, but to the good old past of  milk and honey of great bands and ever greater music. We all miss the past because it is a comfortable place to be anytime. Specially when the future haunts us with lots of changes that we generally don’t agree but we have to embrace them. It is embrace them or get got, or even worse. We covered that matter a few reviews ago. The thing is that today’s kids love the bands of the 1980s, and this is something to be explained because it is the first time I see this movement. It’s not that people didn’t praise the past in the past – hum, got that, right? The matter is that it is so strong and remarkable. As long as I know there has never been a revival like this. I guess it is the first time I see an organized and consistent movement into old sonances. Ok then. Let us go to Pröwess and “Blacktop Therapy,” shall we?

Pröwess did a wonderful job recreating the classic Hard Rock features. The Hard Rock  that was made famous by bands as Bad Company, Mountain, and a bit latter Guns N’ Roses. And which had its echoes in Metal bands as Judas Priest, Saxon, and Accept just to name a few. “Blacktop Therapy” is exactly the right time, there is no anachronism in it because it got the spirit of the epoch wonderfully with songs as “Tombstone Blue” with its vibratos and “Bring Your Love” and its energetic and vibrating cadence and atmosphere. To listen to “Blacktop Therapy” makes wonders to someone who lived that band scene and are a bit nostalgic of it as this one that writes to you. It’s not that I don’t like new bands, it’s the opposite. The thing is that the music done in the past remarkably in the late 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s is just so great that it is impossible to the world forget it. The fashion media and patrol really tries hard, but there is no way to get it. Lucky us.

The album starts on fire with the flaming and hot title track “Blacktop Therapy” which leaves no one put exactly the spirit of all Hard Rock band to whom fun was the motto. And goes on like this until the last, but not the least “All Downhill.” The fun would go on, but an album has such a limited time, doesn’t it? Any problem with fun? I don’t have any. On the contrary, fun is fun – hehehehehehehe.

Pröwess “Blacktop Therapy” will be independently released on January 04th.

Track Listing:

  1. Blacktop Therapy
  2. Lookin’ for a Bullet
  3. Every Right
  4. Eyes of the Hunter
  5. Tombstone Blue
  6. Heart’s Desire
  7. Bring Your Love
  8. Welcome Home
  9. All Downhill

Watch “Blacktop Therapy” alive video here: