Prydain – The Gates of Aramore Review

CD cover with a painting covering a medieval style battle in a far beyond time place? Check. Album tittle addressing to some medieval far beyond time place? Check. Album opening with a speech telling about medieval a far beyond time place in battle for some unjust reason with a grave voice? Check. Vocalist a great vocal range reaching the highest peaks ever? Check. Burning guitars with fast riffs and astonishing guitar solos? Check. Double bass drumming in most tracks? Check. Catchy choruses that when we notice we’re singing along? Check. Tracks with amazing instrumentals? Check. Lyrics about a medieval far beyond time place? Check. Tracks with all kinds of medieval inspired  instrumentals? Check. Careful production that makes all tracks a perfect piece? Check.

Yes, as my dear child of the night may have noticed Prydain are a Power Metal band. “The Gates of Aramore” is such a Power Metal album that I recommend you to show it to your friend that wants to know Power Metal. I could have written many lines of how predictable this album is but I’d rather tell you the awesome music herein. There is a certain beauty in listening that comfortable music that delivers no surprises. That’s what I mean by comfortable music. The kind of music that everybody knows what to find but, yet, it tastes marvelous just because it has that known sonancy that is pleasant to our ears. It’s even possible to guess what is coming on the next track, but who cares. The music is so intense. So, that’s Prydain with “The Gates of Aramore,” an album that sounds as many others, but with that small thing that captures.

Prydain “The Gates of Aramore” will be released on June 02nd via Limb Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Sword & Sorcery
  2. The Gates of Aramore
  3. Lands Beyond
  4. Sail the Seas
  5. Quest of the Fallen
  6. Way of the Forest
  7. Ancient Whispers
  8. Blessed & Divine
  9. Kingdom Fury
  10. Magic & Mystery
  11. I Come Undone

Watch “The Gates of Aramore” official music video:


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